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"Krystle and I met working in new play festivals at the famous Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco, and she has since gone on to be one of the most frequently cast young actors and models in the city. She has a terrific heart, sense of humor, and determination to support the Bay community."

Logan Ellis - Director

Inay's Wedding Dress; Nanay's Lullaby; How Will I Know...? | Bindlestiff Studio

"Krystle Piamonte is skillful, versatile, and one of the most professional actors in the Bay Area. She is a joy to work with and as a writer, you may find that you walk away having learned something unexpected and necessary about your script that you didn't know before."

"MVPs: J Jha, Krystle Piamonte, Neiry Rojo and Stacy Ross

While I saw many good performances this year, these four actors in particular inhabited their roles in multiple shows with verve, charisma, tenacity and compassion. Each one was mesmerizing and magnificent to watch all year long."

Nicole Gluckstern - Journalist

The Best Bay Area Theater of 2019 | KQED

Jennifer Roberts - Playwright

The Killing Jar | Spare Stage


Dance Nation | San Francisco Playhouse

"...a believably questioning Krystle Piamonte..."

-Leslie Katz, SF Examiner

"Krystle Piamonte is also affecting as Zuzu, the girl who most seriously questions her talent and path in life."

-Jim Munson, BroadwayWorld

Ripped | Z Space

"A brilliant performance by Krystle Piamonte anchors a memorable world premiere."

-Robert Hurwitt, retired critic of SF Chronicle

"I recall last seeing [Krystle Piamonte] in Inside Out & Back Again, one of the best shows I saw last year, and she does just as well here."

-Charles Lewis III, The Thinking Man's Idiot

"Lucy (a fantastic and committed turn from Krystle Piamonte)..."

-David John Chavez, Bay Area Plays

King of the Yees | San Francisco Playhouse

"Krystle Piamonte is nicely understated as deeply conflicted and overwhelmed protagonist Lauren."

-Sam Hurwitt, Mercury News

"The young Lauren Yee (a gentle yet driven Krystle Piamonte)..."

"Piamonte grounded the story’s realism with veteran precision..."

-David John Chavez, Bay Area Plays

"The hyper-local comedy charms from the get-go, starting with Lauren herself (played with sincerity and sass by Krystle Piamonte)..."

-Leslie Katz, SF Examiner

"Lauren (played empathetically by Krystle Piamonte)..."

"And the family bond between [Francis] Jue and Piamonte is so skillfully interpreted, you’ll find yourself rooting for them to find each other again, no matter what the cost." 

-Nicole Gluckstern, KQED

"Krystle Piamonte is great as Lauren, sharing this journey with the audience."

-Quinn Delaney, Playlist HQ

"The playwright —played with confidence and élan by Piamonte..."

-Elaine Elinson, 48 Hills

"The accomplished Krystle Piamonte as Yee shares the story about her father."

-Vince Mediaa, Vmedia Backstage

Inside Out & Back Again | Bay Area Children's Theatre

"Krystle Piamonte Sparkles as Vietnamese Child-Refugee."

"Ten-year-old Hà (dynamic twenty-something Krystle Piamonte)..."

-Alisa Hoffman, Theatrius

"I’m not familiar with the work of lead actor Krystle Piamonte, but she brings a heartbreaking warmth to the lead that would have failed in the wrong hands. I certainly hope to see her in more projects soon."

-Charles Lewis III, The Thinking Man's Idiot

Flim-Flam | Theatre Rhinoceros

"Rounding out the cast is Krystle Piamonte who gives an excellent performance in several roles."

-Alisa Hoffman, Theatrius

"The likable Krystle Piamonte..."

-Vince Mediaa, Vmedia Backstage

"...after an amusing sequence doing free Shakespeare on the street, facing an audience of two riotously played by Krystle Piamonte and Jesse Vaughn..."

-Leslie Katz, SF Examiner

Bagyó | TheatreFirst

"The excellent Krystle Piamonte plays a number of female roles, but she is most memorable as Miranda’s mother who as a ghost gives birth to a pineapple. "

-Vince Mediaa, Vmedia Backstage

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