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Come See About Me

A Baydestrain thespian full of moxie and kilíg.

Plucky like a Ghibli heroine. Spunky like Jubilee. 

"I am the bad daughter, the freedom fighter, the shaper of death masks."

Barbara Jane Reyes
("Aswang", Diwata)

Krystle Piamonte (she/her/hers) is a multi-disciplinary artist and a 2nd generation mixed Filipino (Ilocano) and Chinese (Hakka) American from San Francisco, CA.

As an artist, Krystle has always been drawn to bold and innovative work. She is dedicated to developing new work that challenges perceptions and emboldens empathy. With roots in culturally specific storytelling, she is an advocate for representation and visibility, ensuring that roles and stories are crafted with authenticity and humanity. She is determined to not only take space for herself, but to also break space to make space for her community.

While predominantly working in theatre, Krystle also steadily works in film, television, new media, commercials, industrials, and print. In addition to acting and modeling, she also works behind-the scenes in casting, dramaturgy, directing, choreography, and costuming/wardrobe.

Krystle is a Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of The Chikahan Company, a young theatre company based in San Francisco that focuses on developing and uplifting Filipino/a/x stories. She is a proud company member of PlayGround (SF). 

When Krystle is not onstage or on set, she can be found in the kitchen baking like she's on The Great British Bake-Off, building Lego sets with her niblings, creating and sending personalized greeting cards to loved ones, researching the paranormal, or beaming with unabashed joy over her latest hauls from Daiso or The Chronicle Books Warehouse Sale.

Just because...

"You remind me of a character on TV...omg yes, you're Andi Mack!"

"Have you seen that Disney show Andi Mack? I immediately thought of you when I saw her. She's totally you."

"Can we just talk about how Andi Mack is trying to be you?"

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